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An Digital product consisting of a computer keyboard and display screen or optical scanner, which may be utilized to enter info (enter) and Screen output from a central Laptop (usually a minicomputer or mainframe) but isn't capable of impartial processing. Synonymous with dumb terminal

From the Custom-Home, as before within the Aged Manse, I'd expended a few decades -- a term extended more than enough to rest a weary Mind: very long enough to break off previous intellectual patterns, and make space For brand new kinds: extended enough, and much too prolonged, to possess lived in an unnatural state, accomplishing what was really of no edge nor delight to any human being, and withholding myself from toil that might, no less than, have stilled an unquiet impulse in me.

A graphic picture designed for the look and creation of woven or non-woven cloth, or to document this sort of get the job done (see this instance, courtesy of the Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery, Glasgow College).

It absolutely was universally agreed, amongst all of the domestic, from Dinah right down to the youngest urchin, that Miss out on Ophelia was decidedly "curis,"--a term by which a southern servant indicates that their betters Never particularly match them.

A kind of bookbinding common in Europe with the twelfth to your fifteenth century during which the boards were being included in velvet and/or silk brocade, generally adorned with gold or silver clasps. Within the sixteenth towards the 18th century, velvet and satin bindings sumptuously embroidered by experienced needleworkers were being common with Females of indicates.

A map intended to present the distribution of one or more options or properties in excess of all or a part of the surface area of the earth. Thematic maps is often quantitative

The main result of incident coronary heart problems consisted of the composite consequence of non-lethal myocardial infarction or deadly myocardial infarction. For all contributors who recorded this kind of diagnosis, helpful hints we asked for and reviewed professional medical records. We categorised myocardial infarctions meeting Entire world Overall health Group criteria, which need common indications plus either diagnostic electrocardiographic results or elevated cardiac enzyme concentrations, as definite, and we considered myocardial infarctions necessitating hospital admission and corroborated by cellphone interview or letter only as probable. Deaths have been identified from state essential records along with the National Loss of life Index or claimed by individuals’ upcoming of kin.

as a trim volume. In distinction, Despite the fact that a electronic textual content features a length—which is usually represented that has a scroll or development bar—it's got no clear form or thickness. An e-reader always weighs the exact same, irrespective of whether you're studying Proust's magnum opus or certainly one of Hemingway's quick stories.

Night right after evening Jurgis and Ona would sit and figure the costs, calculating the term of their separation.

Inside a viral YouTube video from Oct 2011 a a person-yr-outdated Woman sweeps her fingers across an iPad's touchscreen, shuffling groups of icons. In the next scenes she seems to pinch, swipe and prod the pages of paper magazines as if they as well have been screens.

). Use of the telegram declined with the appearance of cost-effective very long distance telephone service, but Western Union is still in company. Synonymous with cablegram

A term introduced by AT&T to consult with a devoted electronic circuit supplied by the phone businesses effective at transmitting data place-to-position at the rate of 44.

Though quite a few old and recent reports conclude that individuals understand whatever they Read more paper extra extensively than the things they read on screens, the variances are frequently small. Some experiments, nevertheless, counsel that scientists must search not simply at fast reading through comprehension, but also at prolonged-term memory. In a 2003 study Kate Garland of your College of Leicester and her colleagues asked 50 British college or university college students to read through research material from an introductory economics study course possibly on a computer observe or inside a spiral-bound booklet.

exemptions apply only to mediated instruction during which the educational procedure is initiated and supervised by class instructor(s) answerable for determining that the usage of copyrighted products is vital to Conference particular Studying goals.

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